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Building Partnerships for Improvement in Education


REL Midwest hosted a public television event designed to engage participants in a dialogue about collaborative research and its benefits to research, policy, and practice.


The event featured Vivian Tseng, Ph.D., vice president of programs at the William T. Grant Foundation, who presented collaborative research, specifically research-practice partnerships, as an approach with growing use in education. Panelists also presented current examples of research-practice partnerships in REL Midwest and outside organizations, highlighting strategies for building stronger partnerships.  


The program aired Friday, February 20, 2015 on WTTW Prime. Click here to download the event program.


For more about collaborative research, click here to read a story from Laura Wentworth, Director of the Stanford University/San Francisco Unified School District Partnership at Silver Giving Foundation.



 Julie Kochanek, Ph.D., Director, REL Midwest

 Laurie Kruszynski, Data Coordinator, Scott High School, Toledo Public Schools

 Mindee O’Cummings, Ph.D., Principal Researcher, American Institutes for Research

 Julie Riordan, Ph.D., Director of Research, REL Northeast and Islands 

 Carrie Scholz, Ph.D., Senior Researcher, American Institutes for Research

 Vivian Tseng,  Ph.D., Vice President of Programs, William T. Grant Foundation


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