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Career and Technical Education Pathways to STEM Disciplines (Minnesota Public Television Broadcast)

In October REL Midwest hosted a one-hour public television event designed to help viewers gain a better understanding of how rigorous science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) content is being integrated into career and technical education (CTE) opportunities to guide students into STEM-focused careers, the emerging research in the field, and strategies that states and districts are using to improve STEM education.

The event featured Paul A. Asunda, Ph.D., associate professor at Southern Illinois University Carbondale. Dr. Asunda discussed his research on the use of standards toward building STEM fluency. The event also featured panel discussions on implementing a high-quality STEM curriculum in CTE programs and a more focused discussion from the Minnesota Department of Education on how STEM disciplines are being used to close the skills gap in the state. Participants had an opportunity to reflect on the presentations and talk about the approaches that they can implement in their school or district.

Watch the Event



Research Expert: Paul A. Asunda, Ph.D., associate professor of workforce education and development, Southern Illinois University Carbondale, discussed his research addressing CTE instructional methods and how to incorporate a STEM curriculum and encourage STEM literacy. This included discussions about the role of state and local standards for implementing high-quality CTE programs. 

Minnesota Department of Education Presenter: Dan Smith, CTE supervisor, Minnesota Department of Education, discussed Minnesota’s approach to building a CTE system that incorporates strong STEM instruction, including the role of the Minnesota Career Fields, Clusters, and Pathways Framework in establishing standards for CTE instruction.

Local Practitioner: Mike Sandell, teacher, Department of Industrial Technology, Chisago Lakes Public Schools, discussed implementing a STEM curriculum in the CTE classroom. 


Who Should Watch?

Educators at the school and district levels, state and local education leaders, parents, and any other interested stakeholders should watch this event.


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