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Educator Effectiveness and Leadership

Friday, June 22, 2012

Bloomington Monroe County Convention Center

Bloomington, Indiana


REL Midwest and the Indiana University School Administrators Association (IUSAA) cohosted a full-day conference designed to engage participants in a discussion about research on teacher effectiveness and evaluation.

Participants became familiar with strategies to build effective teacher evaluation systems and had an opportunity to interact with nationally renowned researchers and practitioners.

This event featured a presentation by Laura Goe, Ph.D., of ETS, who discussed her research on evaluating teacher effectiveness and her experience supporting states, teachers' unions, and regional comprehensive centers in considering different approaches to teacher evaluation. The event also featured panel discussions on the implementation of evaluation policies and a more focused discussion from the Indiana Department of Education on Indiana laws and policies that are shaping teacher evaluation within the state. This event was designed to address the U.S. Department of Education’s priority area of educator effectiveness.



Laura Goe, Ph.D., Research Scientist, ETS; and Principal Investigator, National Comprehensive Center for Teacher Quality

Molly Horstman, Compass Director, Louisiana Department of Education

Hardy Murphy, Jr., Ph.D., Superintendent, Evanston/Skokie School District 65, Illinois

Caitlin Teague, Training and Field Specialist, Office of Educator Effectiveness, Indiana Department of Education

Chris Henderson, Indiana Project Director, The New Teacher Project

David Dresslar, Ed.D., Executive Director, Center of Excellence in Leadership of Learning, University of Indianapolis

Tom Hunter, Superintendent, Greensburg Community Schools, Indiana

Mary Rehlander, Assistant Superintendent for Human Resources, Metropolitan School District of Warren Township, Indiana 


Event Materials


Dr. Laura Goe's presentation

Molly Horstman's presentation

Dr. Hardy Murphy's presentation

Caitlin Teague's and Chris Henderson's presentation

Dr. David Dresslar's presentation

Tom Hunter's presentation

Mary Rehlander's presentation


Related Resources

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