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Encouraging Mathematical Thinking in Early Childhood Education (Indianapolis Public TV Broadcast)

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This public television broadcast presented information from existing research and examples on encouraging young children to think mathematically.

The program featured Doug Clements, Ph.D., Kennedy Endowed Chair in Early Childhood Learning and a professor at the University of Denver, who discussed his work on the learning trajectories of preschool-age children and the research-based interventions that develop young children's mathematical thinking. The program also featured a moderated discussion among a panel of experts who work in the field of early childhood mathematics. This program addressed the U.S. Department of Education's priority area of early childhood education.



Douglas Clements, Ph.D., Kennedy Endowed Chair in Early Childhood Learning and Professor, University of Denver

Ted Maple, Ph.D., Chief Executive Officer, Day Nursery Association of Indianapolis

Charlie Geier, Director of Early Learning and Intervention, Indiana Department of Education

Dana Jones, Early Childhood Specialist, Indiana Department of Education


Who should watch?

Our specific target audience is early childhood practitioners; secondary target audiences include parents of young children and state and local education leaders.


Related Resources

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