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Implementing Competency-Based Education Practices in the Midwest

September 2, 2013

Chicago, IL- WTTW


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REL Midwest presents a one-hour public television event designed to help viewers gain a better understanding of competency-based education (CBE) practices, the emerging research in the field, and strategies that states and districts are using to implement various aspects of CBE.

The event features Elizabeth A. Jones, Ph.D., professor of education at Holy Family University. Dr. Jones takes time to discuss her research on evaluating various innovative CBE instructional methods and their effect on students.  The event also features panel discussions on state and local CBE efforts with a focused discussion from leaders on efforts in Iowa, Kentucky, and Ohio. 



Elizabeth A. Jones, Ph.D., professor of education, Holy Family University, will present her research addressing change and how this can frame discussions related to CBE. This presentation will include discussions about assessing mastery and standards for competency-based grading.

Sandra Dop, Competency-Based Education Task Force lead, Iowa Department of Education, will discuss Iowa’s approach to building a CBE system, including the role of the Competency-Based Education Task Force established by the Iowa Legislature.

Pat Trotter, Division of Innovation and Partner Engagement, Kentucky Department of Education, will offer her perspective on how CBE fits into Kentucky’s state education agenda, including Kentucky’s recent work with the National Governor’s Association and its October 2012 Statewide Summit on Competency-Based Education Systems.

Jeffrey Lewis, Ed.D., principal and chief administrative officer, Dayton STEM School, representing the school-level perspective, will speak to efforts currently under way at the Dayton STEM School (e.g., inquiry-based and individualized learning experiences) and explain how the school has implemented this approach to CBE.


Who Should Watch?

Educators at the school and district levels, state and local education leaders, parents, and any other interested stakeholders


Related Resources

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