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The State Role in Early Warning Data Systems

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REL Midwest and its Dropout Prevention Research Alliance hosted a webinar designed to provide participants with relevant research and practices to guide their own efforts in building state level support of early warning system (EWS) development and implementation. This event provided a national and regional landscape of current EWS work and addressed the changing role of the state in encouraging use and supporting implementation of early warning systems. Regional efforts in Wisconsin and Minnesota also were highlighted.


The event featured a presentation by Susan Therriault, Ph.D., of American Institutes for Research, who discussed her research on the role of the state in promoting usage and providing support for implementation of EWS. The event also featured presentations from Jared Knowles of Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction, John Gimpl of Minnesota Department of Education, and Timothy Conboy of Rosemount High School in Minnesota. This event was designed to address the U.S. Department of Education’s priority area of College and Career Readiness.



Susan Therriault, Ed.D., Principal Researcher, American Institutes for Research

Jared Knowles, Research Analyst, Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction

John Gimpl, State Implementation Specialist, Minnesota Department of Education

Timothy Conboy, Assistant Principal, Rosemount High School, Minnesota


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